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Whipped cream is a fundamental finish to favorite Keto desserts. Dip your favorite berries, top your favorite pie or add a dollop on a mug of hot chocolate. A thick and velvety whipped cream can be the quintessential addition.

It's so simple to make keto whipped cream at home. This sugar free whipped cream recipe requires only 3 ingredients and takes only 5-10 minutes.

A few tips to successfully make your whipped cream:

  • Chill everything! This is an essential step to making perfect whipped cream quickly. Be sure your cream is chilled as well as your mixing bowl and wire whisk or beaters. 30 minutes in the refrigerator or 10 minutes in the freezer ought to do it.
  • Look for Heavy Whipping Cream at the store, not just heavy cream or whipping cream. For a Vegan option, use a fully chilled (8 hours) & full-fat Canned Coconut Milk and use the solid cream that floats to the top. Don't shake the can!
  • Sweetener choice: Lakanto Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener is the best choice for smooth whipped cream as it dissolves easily. In a pinch, you can use Lakanto Classic Monkfruit Sweetener but can be a little grainy if it doesn't have time to dissolve.

Don't overmix! The difference between soft, pillowy whipped cream and over-mixed grainy whipped cream is only a few seconds. Keep an eye on it while you whip!

Ingredients for Sugar-Free Whipped Cream

  • 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream or can of Coconut Cream (the top cream) , chilled completely  
  • 2 T Lakanto Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

Instructions for Sugar-Free Whipped Cream

  1. Pour cold cream,Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener  and vanilla extract into a cold bowl and whip on low speed until bubbles form.
  2. Once bubbles have formed, turn the mixer to medium-high speed and whisk until medium peaks form. You are looking for peaks that are soft, yet hold their shape. Test this by pulling out the beaters or whisk from your cream. Careful not to overbeat, you'll wind up with butter. :)
Serve immediately or cover and chill for up to 24 hours.


Pro tip: Add 2 T Cocoa Powder for a chocolate whipped cream that is delicious with raspberries, strawberries, off straight off the spoon 

Nutritional Info in Sugar-Free Whipped Cream (estimation, per serving 6 servings per recipe)

Calories: 50kcal
Fat: 6g
Sat Fat 3g
Protein: .5g
Sugar Alcohols: 1g

Net Carbs: 5 gr

Nutritional Info in Sugar-Free Whipped Cream (estimation, per serving 6 servings per recipe)

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